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We are two university friends that have the same dream, to create fun and unique games for mature gamers. So we created Sofa Ninja Studios. We aim to make great games that make our Ninja (fans) feel like an assassin, a god, the ultimate hero, a Ninja. We want you to feel empowered and part of the game. As gamers, we feel it's critical to give our Ninja what they want. During development there will be opportunities to play demos of our games. This allows our Ninja to give us feedback so we know if we are on the right track or if things need changing.

We want to share our work with the world. We want our Ninja to be as excited as we are about what Sofa Ninja Studios is creating. We will be adding new content and updates regularly and we will also be recording a Vlog which will summarise what we have been up to, provide updates on projects and to share any exciting news with you.

So we hope you enjoy our work. If you do, please feel free to subscribe and share your thoughts. Thank you


Ethan Rishworth

His Story

Ethan welcomes you to share in his story. Ethan has been involved in several projects and now he gets to make what he loves. He will be sharing news and updates on his work and on projects he's involved in. Ethan is a 3D artist and he is part owner of Sofa Ninja Studios, a new and exciting games company. Click the button to see more.

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Mike's Blog

Our Story is your story

Mike welcomes you to be involved with his work. He has been involved in many projects and he is very excited about our first commercial game. Mike will be sharing his latest work and providing updates regularly. He is a games programmer and he is part owner of Sofa Ninja Studios, our new and exciting games company. Click the button to see more.


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