Off to a Great Start

May 18, 2018

Hey guys, Thought I'd update you on a few things


Firstly today is our first playtest. It was held at Cornwall College and it's main purpose was to let people test Serial Links mechanics. Unfortunatly I couldn't be there but I have had a productive day. I haven't spoken to Mike yet but I hope it went well.


We also have been making great progress with pre production. We have some great character concepts and have started concept work on other assets such as weapons. I spent a few day creating an asset list for the first area. This has now been looked over, had reference images gathered and edited. Our modellers, including myself have started modelling now which is great. Mike has also remade his prototype mechanics and the game plays great now. 

One of our the assets i made this week. Its a storage container. I had to edit it a few times so it was optimised for Unreal 4, Sorting the pivot point, correcting the collision name ect


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