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May 15, 2018

Hello reader. Welcome to my Blog. I just to want to start with saying thank you for taking an interest and I hope you enjoy my posts. I would welcome comments and feedback also, so feel free to do so.


Let me tell you about my journey so far


Well it's been a long Five years. From starting uni in 2013 to finishing in march 2018, its not been an easy ride. I began my studies with nothing but an interest in games, and developing them. I began learning all my skills from scratch and even into my second year I wasn't very good. My main interest was building levels in unreal engine 4 but I also spent a lot of time in 3DS Max, learning how to model in 3D. 


I got my HND in 2015 and took two years out for personal reasons. I spent some time in 3D modelling tutorials as I felt that this was a skill I was weak in and needed to improve upon. In 2015 I started a B.A games course to finish my studies. I was in a new class with new people. I went in hoping to build my skills in the unreal engine but realised within a few short months that 3D modelling was now my stronger skill, plus I really enjoyed 3D modelling. 


I have now completed my studies and have been released into the world to make my own way. Luckly for me I met some great people at uni. I have even set up Sofa Ninja Studios with a friend (Mike Ellis) from the course. He is very smart and very dedicated to our work. We have some great ideas and have worked on a few projects together. 


And heres some great news. Sofa Ninja Studios has its first project. It is a fun and exciting fps game that started as a uni project. It has had some testing and recieved very postive feedback. Myself and Mike have spend some time building the essientals of the company and preparing the production of the project, as this isn't a uni assignment anymore, its a real world project now. Sofa Ninja Studios is driving the project forward but we are working with others to develop it. It is being re designed and re built as all assets created in student licenses and many were not good enough to release in a game. We are very excited about this project and I will keep you updated on how things are going.



Here is one of the models I created for a VR military simulation experience that we created. We were asked to create a pre recuitment test simulation that would help cadets prepare for joining the army.



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