Mike loses his blogging virginity...

May 25, 2018

Hey guys, if your reading this, thanks very much! I am the logic/mechanics guy that has to listen to the narrative and game designer and when he says 'Hey Mike, I want the thing to happen here and then that thing to happen, and his eyebrows to fall off and his bum to explode and then, I want his nipples to turn into cheese..., can we do that?'.


I look for a sec and say, 'Um, ok, leave it with me...'


Ok, thats a little dramatic, and its really the fun bit! I have been a game developer for less than a year. There is a whole story behind that and we will likely never hear (unless I get really unbearably famous or something) and so I find myself learning quite a lot of things for the first time and and thoroughly enjoying the ride. I have met some great people already on my short journey and I am very, very excited about the future. I know it wont be easy, nothing worth doing ever is, but Im ready. 

I have recently learned about Physical Materials thanks to a great video from Titanic Games, cheers Jackson! 

 Well I used that information to build really cool bullet strikes into the game so now when the player is under fire there are exploding bricks and breaking glass and awful flesh ripping sounds if you cant shoot fast enough and you get shot. THAT'S YOUR FAULT, cough, er, sorry I meant to say that you need to shoot a little faster... 


This one shows the whole thing with the gun shots in there too.


And this one is minus the gun shots to make it more obvious. 



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