Sprint, shoot, teleport, shoot, crouch, shoot... You get the idea.

May 29, 2018

Hello again, I have just shot a little video that shows the game prototype coming along a little more. Added some refinement to the Combat Teleport, took the music out for a while so that we can concentrate on the mechanics a little right now and got all the stat bars balanced (for now).



I have added a sprint ability and played with the movement speeds a little too which has come out well. Very excited to show this off (although it will be developed more before this) at the Jabba the Cutt playtest! Its Friday the 1st June at 5 - 8pm and the cool dudes there are laying on some drinks and nibbles too. Come along, test the game, tell us what you think and we will listen. Mostly.


Oh no, Im now saying 'They mostly come at night, mostly...' to myself. 


Rage, cry, like and that.

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