And their ears were blown.

June 14, 2018

Hey, this is just a quick entry to talk about an excellent asset pack that we have just acquired from the folks over at and to thank them for being so reasonable with the prices of their work. It allows a little setup like ours to quickly prototype things up without worrying about how to make audio for whatever new thing we are trying to test. 


Of course, with Mr. Oliver Smith involved, one of the audio wizards involved with the game Matterfall...



...the sound of our game will evolve. Still, to have a huge library of professionally recorded sounds to work with is a first for us and at such a small amount of money really. Thanks Game Master Audio. 


I did pay for them though, I didn't get them for free. Just want the credit for that... I always make sure that I do the washing up right in front of my Wife so that she sees me doing it. No different here. 


Just saying.


Rampage, have a curry, like, unsubscribe, enjoy.



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