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June 26, 2018

Hey all. Just thought that I would talk a little bit about a really cool animation pack that I bought not so very long ago. Now, there are some negative opinions floating about regarding game developers being able to just 'buy' packs of things like animations and so on BUT! - They be wrong! Here's why...


Sofa Ninja Studios is a little tiny child of a studio and we have a team of people that are for the most part working from home (or sometimes from their paid place of part time work, shhh). We are in the same boat as a lot of guys and girls who have recently completed courses or just decided to take the plunge and get into something creative. We just dont have the capability to establish our very own motion capture suite or record an orchestra or go in the garden and break glass for sound effects. We are also working on our project, Serial Link, for free right now on the promise that we can deliver enough value to you fine gaming bunch that you would gift us with your hard earned money and transition us into full time (paid) Devs! 

So with the budget the size of a wasps jocky strap, we need other ways to get things done, at least at the prototype and demonstration level. Enter the awesome "Asset Pack" (torches burn high, background music explodes, many, many particle effects).


Anyway, with the counter-rant out of the way, lets look at this! I love it, the kids love it even the mother in law loves it and she doesn't know what it is!



Follow us home, spam the maybe button and enjoy. 


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