There's a little blood on you...

July 11, 2018

Hey Serial Link fans. I can say that now and its not weird as we have just come back from GeekFest in Cornwall and LOTS of people played the game and lots of people liked it! We never had an empty chair lets put it that way...


Have a little look at this.



We have added a lot since the last major playtest which I think was with our friends at Jabba the Cutt if Im not wrong (but I might be, my brain is slowly turning into Dev gravy, its a real thing...)


Well, there is now quite a bit of gore. I love that word. Gore. Its just rings of 'reward for killing stuff', virtually of course. Only polys are harmed in the making of our games. But they are harmed, a lot.


We have head-shots now although its running on a technique that I think already I could improve, but it works. We have heads exploding on the those head-shots too! I know, its a little excessive, but its a game and its supposed to be a bit over the top I reckon. Still, as with everything else in Serial Link, its all be iterated on all the time with improvements here and there and then before you know it, the whole thing has jumped forward. Just to note the the Mines will also take an arm off... Much blood.


We also have the beginning of the RPG or levelling aspect of the game in that we are tracking quite a lot of the actions that you are taking in the game and they level up skills that level up skill groups that level up the character in general. Its good for us to have that mechanism in place now and we have a lot of ideas about how we can use those scores to impact the game but that will come into focus in the future I think. 


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